OIC's team consists of seasoned professionals with vision for products and services and passion for innovation. They have conceived, built, and brought to market technologies that serve as a base for products in the hottest industries today, such as remote video, security and surveillance, networking, web-based remote business solutions, cell-phone technologies, and others.

Daniel E. Brown
Mr. Brown brings entrepreneurial vision of the future into OIC. He is an experienced designer of application and system software, specializing in image and video, embedded applications and communications, including wireless technology. Mr. Brown is the inventor of Page Preview - a graphics technology to view on screen exactly what will be printed. He has been granted three patents while at Silicon Graphics. He is considered an expert in the programming field. Mr. Brown is leading the charge in building OIC product line. He is a co-founder and principal in OIC.
Ken Jacobsen
Ken Jacobsen has been involved in high tech marketing and business development for almost 30 years; most of this time has been as a consultant. His clients have included AMP, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Sharp, Toshiba and many others. As a consultant for Fujitsu, he was involved with the creation of the PCMCIA. As a patent licensing agent for HP, he organized the IrDA. He has published research reports though SRI, International and Dataquest. At SRI, he developed a multi client program focused on emerging technology for mobile computing and communications. He has held executive positions in numerous startups and specializes in business development. He currently is a Director for the Global Software Program, an entrepreneurial training program conducted through Oulu University, Finland, for Finnish software companies interested in opening their business in America.

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