OIC provides a complete real time web-based video monitoring service. This service includes a secure network as well as online digital video storage that enables quick video monitoring and searching from a web browser. As an additional service, OIC provides onsite video camera installation.

If you have existing cameras and tape-based storage, the OIC service can work along side this investment and leverage it to provide real time web-base viewing and fast access to your video through OIC media technology. Understanding that your business has specific needs, we offer customization of web-based applications for viewing, analyzing and retrieving your data.

OIC Real-Time Video technology has been used successfully for process and 24/7 monitoring applications. Using OIC real time web-based monitoring provides a 10x improvement in productivity over existing technology.

How it works:

The image below describes the functional working process of OIC. What this does not explain are the complex formulas that function behind the scenes to enable this incredibly high volume of image transportation and image navigation. Once the images are captured by the cameras, these formulas enable the user to sort, find and select images, easily utilizing OIC's web-based monitoring tools.

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